Turnkey Interior Home Renovation

June 22, 2022

When it comes to home improvement or any renovation project, we all want a seamless process. We want a single point of contact and a one-stop-shop type of contractor who can handle both the design and build phases of our remodeling project. In other words, we want a contractor who can provide a turnkey experience. Read on to learn what characteristics make a turnkey interior home renovation experience.

What Makes an Interior Home Renovation Turnkey?

For a contractor to provide a turnkey home interior renovation experience, their focus and specialty must include at least the following aspects.

Bespoke Renovation

Bespoke renovation involves a custom-made, unique approach tailored to each client’s specific desires and needs. In other words, bespoke renovation isn’t characterized by a “copy and paste” or “cookie-cutter” approach to interior home renovation. A competent design-build contractor can walk the homeowner through the vision and design phase all the way to the execution and completion of the project.

This means conceptualizing the homeowner’s dream vision for the space and bringing it to fruition while staying within the bounds of their budget. Providing this level of service often requires the contractor to try things they’ve never done before and create highly-customized features or elements for the home.

Interior Home Remodel - Interior Home Renovation of a Beautiful wood staircase complete with decorative tiles.

Multi-Room or Full-Home Interior Renovation

Additionally, contractors that provide a turnkey service don’t focus on just a single room in the home. Turnkey interior home renovation often involves remodeling multiple rooms or the entire home interior. These major transformations are often best-served in a vacant home during the project. However, vacancy isn’t a requirement.

A multi-room or full-home interior renovation is where a design-build contractor can shine and perform their best work. Single kitchen or bath remodels often underutilize their expertise and capabilities. Using a design-build contractor for a single-room remodel would be like using a bush hog lawnmower to mow a quarter-acre lot.

Final Cleaning

The construction process generates a lot of dust and disruption inside the home. Therefore, instead of just finishing the construction process and leaving the home as-is, a contractor specializing in turnkey home renovation will hire a professional cleaning service to come to the home and do a final clean-up.

Additionally, the builder will provide any necessary touch-ups after a final walk-through before handing the keys back over to the homeowner. At the end of the project, the homeowner should be able to just walk into their new dream space and start enjoying it, with no additional work or headaches on their part.

Consider McFall Builders for Your Interior Home Renovation Project in Gainesville, FL

Remodeling the interior of your home brings more enjoyment to your living space. McFall Builders provides a turnkey experience and removes any unnecessary stress, providing you with expert guidance and artistry to create a space you will enjoy for many years.

With McFall Builders, we provide a full-service experience with our home renovations. We handle everything from start to finish — even up to a final cleaning before turning your home back over to you. Contact us today to get started on your remodeling project!