Entrust Your Project to a Design-Build Contractor

March 20, 2021

Design-build was once thought of as an alternative way to manage construction. Now, it’s a must for families and businesses looking to invest in their properties. 

Design-build is a method of organizing and delivering construction projects through a collaborative process that allows contractors to incorporate design into their building practice. By providing owners with a single contract for an integrated team, design-build methods transform the building process and project outlook. 

The Difference of Design-Build

Under typical project management, bids are held for two separate teams: one for the design and one for the build. The design team works closely with the owner to choose the features of the space that best suit their tastes. From countertops to paint colors, your design team will help you uncover the look you want for your home. The construction team will implement that design and work with the design team throughout the project’s life as opportunities are presented and challenges need to be overcome.  

Alternatively, with a design-build contract, these teams are integrated for a seamless approach to project management under a single bid. The team implementing your design will be the same people who worked closely with you through its development for a smooth and efficient experience. 

How Design-Build Will Enhance Your Construction Experience

Streamline Communications

When working with a design-build contractor, there’s one main point of contact rather than relaying information between teams operating separately. This allows for any communication between you and your contractor to be efficient and focused. As design and construction details are often developed in ongoing processes, having these decisions centralized to a single comprehensive team allows you to be sure that all aspects of your project are on the same page. 

Reduced Costs

With the foresight of design implementation, budgets can be planned more realistically and followed with more precision when working with a design-build contractor. As your design will be constructed with building expertise in mind, the monetary implications of design features can be more clearly communicated at the start of your project so that your expectations can be discussed transparently for fewer surprises later on. 

Reliable Timelines

With its unified approach, design-build allows for your design and construction to be more closely aligned throughout the entire life of the project and for its lifespan to be more accurately projected at the start of your contract. With a single command center for both design and construction, a contractor can efficiently schedule and transition project phases for a quicker turnaround on your project and minimize the potential for any delays by clearly anticipating the ongoing needs of your project. 

Design that Works

By infusing the design with building expertise, your space can be made more functional, realistic, and long-lasting. When working on the same team, engineers, construction professionals, and designers foster a collaborative approach that cultivates innovative and effective solutions for any home need. 

Optimized Project Outcomes

Whether you’re looking at a project from custom-home construction to a bathroom remodel, design-build contracts offer heightened quality control. Since projects are overseen through a comprehensive lens, the focus can be further concentrated on protecting the interests of clients and optimizing value.

When working with a single design-build contractor, owners feel less of an administrative burden as well. With one point of contact, owners can be confident in focusing on their project rather than managing two separate contracts. 

Trust McFall Builders as Your Design-Build Contractor

A single contract means a single source of accountability. As a design-build contractor, McFall Builders offers upstanding integrity and transparency as your partner for beautiful spaces constructed with expert craftsmanship. As your design is thoroughly planned to meet your every need, our team listens so that we can lead your project along a clear path to success while keeping the build aligned with your plan and exceeding your expectations. 

Request a consultation to get started on turning your dream spaces into realities far beyond your imagination.