Flooring: Your Complete Guide

February 16, 2022

Maybe you have some old shag carpet from the ‘70s or maple-colored linoleum from the ‘90s. Whatever flooring you have, maybe you’ve decided it’s time to update it with something more contemporary, easier to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing. If it’s been a while since you went through the process of selecting the right flooring, we can help! Read on for your complete flooring guide.

Common Types of Flooring and Their Benefits

Styles and materials are constantly changing, and what was popular 20 years ago is not today. We have compiled a list of the most popular types of flooring among North Florida homeowners in 2022 and the pros and cons of each.

Image of a kitchen and main room of a house. Light brown flooring with kitchen cabites and appliances in the background.


Vinyl flooring is desirable because it’s more water-resistant than many of its counterparts. This makes it ideal for wet locations such as bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, it’s generally more affordable than wood, stone, Terrazzo, or tile flooring and comes in numerous styles and colors.

Currently, two of the most popular types of vinyl flooring include the following:


Laminate flooring is most popular among homeowners who desire an affordable, easy-to-install alternative to carpet. Like vinyl flooring, it’s also great for homeowners with pets because it’s much easier to maintain than carpet. Lastly, it’s relatively easy to install for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

However, some major drawbacks to laminate flooring include its lack of durability and “feel” under your feet. Laminate flooring is easily damaged by moisture caused by excess humidity or spills. This makes laminate flooring less than ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Also, when cleaning, you must ensure you don’t over-wet the surface. Since these floors are “floating,” it feels cheap and movable underfoot. Due to its lack of durability, homeowners are beginning to prefer other types of flooring over laminate.


Ceramic tile is popular in Florida because of our wet climate. The flooring also feels “cool” on bare feet during our hot summers. It’s perfect for frequently wet areas of the home like kitchens and bathrooms. Tile is extremely durable and can last for many years when cared for properly. Lastly, it comes in many different styles and colors.

One of the drawbacks to tile is that it’s not easy to install for the do-it-yourselfer. Significant preparation is required before installation and, when not installed properly, can create a lot of problems down the road. Although tile isn’t overly expensive, the labor costs for installation are 2-3 times the cost of other types of flooring like laminate or vinyl.



Today, carpet remains a favorite among many homeowners. It helps the acoustics in a room by reducing noise, feels soft underfoot, and is comfy on chilly nights. However, carpet is generally best for bedrooms. Additionally, it’s not pet-owner or allergy-sufferer friendly, and its cost is highly variable depending on the type of carpet and padding used for installation. Lastly, it easily stains.


Many people love linoleum flooring. It boasts several benefits. Namely, it’s somewhat affordable, easy to install and clean, and can quickly change the look and feel of a room. Little prep work is needed, and it can be easily laid over an existing floor. The only drawback to linoleum is that you can easily damage it when moving furniture or when you accidentally drop sharp-edged items.

Other Trendy Flooring Types

Several other flooring types have become trendy in recent years and add equity to your home. These include cork, concrete, and bamboo flooring.

Best Flooring for Return on Investment

After considering all the types of flooring, hardwood flooring typically delivers the highest return on investment. Given that hardwood is extremely durable, you can refinish it multiple times, and add a ton of character to your home. It’s poised to give your home greater value in the marketplace should it be listed.

McFall Installs Any Flooring Type for Your Home Remodel

When it comes to home remodeling, flooring is a significant process component. Choosing the right flooring can be tricky if you don’t understand the pros and cons of each type of flooring and which is best for your life situation and budget. However, when you’re ready to get started on your home remodeling project or addition, McFall can help you with every step of the way! Contact us today to get started on your project.