Five Home Additions that Increase Your Home’s Value and Square Footage

May 30, 2019

When choosing to remodel your home, there are typically two reasons for this decision: you’re looking to increase the value or you want to add features that your current home isn’t offering. Home additions are the best of both worlds. Not only are they an investment that will pay off immediately, but home additions can also add square footage while creating the home of your dreams.

Benefits of Adding a Home Addition

Investing in a home addition is a great choice, and not only from a financial standpoint. Here are several reasons to add to your current home.

Less Invasive Renovation Process

When you remodel the interior of your home, you’ll have to plan your daily routine around the new construction. Home additions only require work inside the home during the very end of the project. Around 75% of the home addition process will be done outside your home, meaning it’s less invasive.

Increase Space for Your Family

With more square footage, your family can stretch out and enjoy more of your home. If your family is growing, this is especially valuable as the years go by and you’ll have enough space to cater to all of your family’s needs. Home additions can be a proactive measure and save you from cramped quarters later on.

Add Resale Value and Improve Curb Appeal

Spending the money on a home addition will add instant equity to your home. You don’t have to wait to sell to experience the benefits of adding onto your home. You can enjoy all the amenities of your new addition now and benefit from the added value once your house goes on the market.

In addition to added value, you can improve curb appeal with certain additions. Curb appeal is a huge factor that potential buyers prioritize when searching for a home. You’ll be increasing the value of your home from the inside out when you choose to add an addition.

Endless Customization

Adding on allows for limitless customization. When you are remodeling a current space, you may find yourself making decisions based on the current parameters of that area. With a home addition, you are creating an entirely new space. This allows for more freedom in deciding how you want your new space to feel, based on your desires and budget.

Great Option for Older Homes

Homes built over a decade ago often call for a little more room. If you’ve just purchased an older home, you can make it your own by adding on to it. If you’ve been in your older home a while, then you can definitely stand to benefit from a little more room and added features to enjoy. New additions can seamlessly match older homes, so you won’t have to sacrifice the charm of an older home for a new addition.

Improve Energy Efficiency

With an addition built by McFall Builders, you are creating a space that is not only beautiful but is precisely engineered to save money on your energy bills. While we are constructing your home addition, we’ll also be improving aspects of your home like insulation and windows that are designed to save you money.

Along with added efficiency, your new addition will require a roof from McFall Roofing. Not only will your addition’s roof be constructed with high-quality materials and labor, but you also won’t have to coordinate with another company to complete your re-roof. McFall Roofing works right alongside McFall Builders to construct your home addition.

Five Additions that Add Value and Space

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of adding onto your current home, here are five home additions that add square footage and increase your home’s value.

1. Create a Larger Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Wooden bathroom vanity with double sinks

One of the best ways to add to your home is to create a larger master bedroom and en-suite bathroom to enjoy. For older homes, this is a valuable feature that you will enjoy now and reap the benefits if you ever decide to sell. Creating a large and comfortable master bedroom or even expanding your bathroom will allow you to enjoy your home even more.

2. Include a Bump-Out Addition

A bump out addition doesn’t require as much space compared to other home additions. Bump outs are used to expand small rooms by “bumping” out the exterior wall. Not only does this add more space to your home it can also enhance your curb appeal by giving your exterior depth and dimension.

You can add a bump out to your garage to increase its size or include more room to work on projects. Bump outs in the garage or near an entry point to the house can serve as a new mudroom!

3. Enclose a Back Porch

If your back porch doesn’t get much love, you can choose to enclose the porch to add more space to your home. This can be done by converting it into a screened-in porch so you can enjoy the outdoors while still relaxing in the comfort of your home. You could also enclose the porch to make the space into a sunroom and enjoy the Florida sunshine year-round.

4. Add a Florida Room

Florida homeowners can capitalize on our state’s seemingly endless amount of sunshine with a Florida room. These home additions have at least one wall made up of glass panels to let in ample amounts of sunlight. You can choose to add as many windows as you’d like. These rooms are great living spaces to relax in without having to ever leave your home.

5. Extend an Existing Room

Home additions can start from a room that you desperately need to expand. Have you been working in a cramped kitchen? Is your entryway too narrow? With a home addition, you can choose to extend an existing room or area. Pushing an exterior wall outward can upgrade your space and give you the extra room you’ve been craving.

Home Additions and Construction with McFall Builders

Whichever home addition you’d like for your home, McFall Builders can handle it! From the initial design all the way to project completion, we’re here to help you during your home addition project. We have over 35 years of experience building, adding, and transforming houses into dream homes.

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