Remodeling to Hurricane Proof Your Home

March 23, 2023

There are a number of reasons to remodel our homes. Many of us are motivated to remodel to add value, boost curb appeal, transform it into our dream space, or all of the above. However, as Florida homeowners, our needs are unique. We may want to remodel for all of the reasons listed and for more practical ones. Remodeling to hurricane proof your home is undeniably practical but it can also add value and curb appeal. Read on to learn ways to balance both practicality and aesthetics when planning an exterior remodel. 

Ways to Hurricane Proof Your Home

There are a few ways that you can utilize remodeling to hurricane proof your home. You can hurricane-proof your home by doing the following.

Install a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are both durable and attractive. They’re often ideal for the Florida climate because of their resistance to water, wind, and sun. Because of their recent growth in popularity, metal roofs now come in a variety of colors and design options – balancing both beauty and strength. As opposed to asphalt shingles, metal roofs easily resist winds up to 140-150 mph without sustaining damage or compromising the integrity of the roof system.

Since it’s extremely rare to experience that level of wind in Gainesville, FL, even during a hurricane, installing a new metal roof is a sure way to hurricane proof your home.  

Replace Old Windows and Doors with Impact-Resistant Ones

Many older homes in Gainesville come with single-pane windows. Not only will replacing old windows boost your energy efficiency but it will also make your home more hurricane-ready. You can replace your old windows with impact-resistant ones. These windows withstand high winds and blowing debris without breaking. Additionally, they will boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.

Like impact-resistant windows, high impact doors balance safety with style. Their composite door frames resist mold growth and water intrusion from blowing rain or flooding. They also come with stronger hinges that are more durable and rust-resistant than standard doors. Impact-resistant doors come in numerous design options and are customizable. Remodeling using these doors is sure to hurricane-proof your home!

Upgrade Your Garage Door with a Reinforced One

Once of the worst things you can do is leave your garage door open during severe weather like hurricanes. However, even when closed, standard garage doors are susceptible to damage. Once damaged during a storm, these garage doors leave the interior of your home vulnerable.  

Hurricane-rated garage doors are not only stylish these days but they’re also capable of withstanding high wind velocity, debris impact, water intrusion, microbial growth, and rot. Reinforced garage doors also come in a variety of materials including wood – making them both stylish and luxurious for any home. 

Add Stylish Hurricane Shutters

Lastly, hurricane shutters are another way to boost your home’s curb appeal while making your home more hurricane-ready. They come in a variety of styles including the following.

Depending on the current style of your home and your exterior design goals, one of the shutters on that list are sure to be a great fit for your home. 

Trust McFall Builders When Remodeling to Hurricane Proof Your Home in Gainesville, FL

When remodeling to hurricane proof your home, trust McFall Builders in Gainesville, FL. We’ve been in construction here in Florida for over 3 decades. McFall is one brand with 2 divisions, including McFall Residential Roofing. As both general contractors and roofers, we can help you bring your exterior home remodel from conception to completion. 

With McFall Builders, we provide a full-service, turnkey experience. We handle everything from start to finish — even up to a final cleaning before turning your home back over to you. 

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