The Rise of “She Sheds”

January 21, 2022

Move over “man caves,” it’s time for the rise of the she shed! You may recall the hilarious commercial from a few years ago about the burning she shed, when the term first became mainstream. You may be asking, “What is a she shed?” It’s essentially a woman cave. Like a man cave, she sheds can serve as a place of escape and solitude, but traditionally for women. Additionally, as opposed to man caves, it’s common for she sheds to be detached from the home as small, stand-alone, shed-like structures in the yard, hence the name. She sheds provide a space for creativity, inspiration, recreation, and rest. Read on to learn more.

She Shed Ideas

She sheds can come in all different shapes and sizes. When deciding on factors such as usage, size, location, furnishings, and interior design, a great place to start is with the intended use of the she shed. Here are some questions to consider for each factor.

1. Usage

Are you looking to have a space where you can invite friends and family to enjoy conversation over coffee and tea? Are you simply looking for a space to curl up on a sofa and enjoy a good book apart from the busyness of life? Would you want to list it on Airbnb? Will it serve as an office space or a multi-purpose space used for all of the above? Answering these questions will help you determine the ideal size of your she shed.

2. Size

Aside from your intended use of the new space, another factor that will determine the size is the type of budget you’re working with for your she shed. Obviously, the bigger the size, the more cost you will have to factor into your budget. Additionally, do you have the space on your property for a she shed? This leads us to determine the best location.

3. Location

Do you want your she shed attached to your existing home as an addition or as a stand-alone structure somewhere on your property? When choosing a stand-alone location, it’s important to also consider local ordinances and codes. For example, think through details like:

She shed addition with white walls, high ceilings, furniture, and a patio door.
She Shed Addition Project

4. Furnishings

Depending on the size and intended use of your she shed, you may decide to furnish it with items such as desks, couches, beds, or TVs. The options are nearly endless. The size of your she shed and your budget will determine the types of furnishings you’re able to use to outfit your new space. You may also consider having custom built-ins for organization.

5. Interior Design

Last but certainly not least, how do you want to decorate your she shed? Would you like for it to be a modern farmhouse, contemporary, mid-century, or art moderne? These are some of the latest trends in interior design if you’re looking for ideas. Think through how each style will affect the functionality of the space.

How Can I Get a She Shed?

After you’ve gotten a general idea of the type of she shed you’re interested in, how do you go about having one built? It’s important to begin consulting a professional at this stage. You want to look for contractors like us who are design-builders and have built she sheds for our clients. As a professional contractor, we can also help you tease out some of the factors we mentioned earlier.

For example, we are well-versed in the building codes here in the Gainesville area and can review documents such as property surveys to help you determine whether your she shed can be built to your desired specifications. Additionally, we can put together a detailed estimate of what it will cost to build your dream she shed, which will help you determine if it’s within your budget.

Here at McFall Builders, we specialize in building she sheds. Take a look at one we built recently for a customer. This particular design was an addition to the existing home and demonstrates the potential of these spaces. If you would like to take the first step in turning your dream she shed into a reality, request a consultation with us today.