Gainesville’s Trendiest Bathroom Designs of 2024

January 24, 2024

While magazines and home improvement shows offer great inspiration, we find that every region has its own “flavor” for trendy bathroom designs. In this article, we’ll show you our favorite trendy bathroom ideas from our projects here in Gainesville, showcasing innovative and locally inspired designs by the McFall team as well as other designers.

Trendy Bathroom Designs in Gainesville

If you surveyed homes in Gainesville, you would find that most bathrooms have the following design styles/elements. Note, that these designs all have some overlap in terms of the materials and colors used, but with distinct differences.

  1. Timeless materials
  2. Scandinavian
  3. Modern Minimalism
  4. Industrial Chic
  5. Nature bathroom design
  6. Smart Bathrooms
  7. Vintage Revival
  8. Eco-friendly

1. Timeless Materials

Some looks just never go out of style. Choosing a timeless look for your bathroom is a great call for longevity and elegance guaranteed to retain value for years to come. The trick is to use materials that have wide appeal decade after decade.

To create a timeless look, consider incorporating elements into your design like:

Trendy bathroom design featuring a sink and granite countertop.

Paired with classic textures and features, neutral colors retain wide appeal and help your bathroom look great for years to come.

2. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style is marked by simplicity and easy elegance. It combines natural materials like wood with white and neutral tones in a minimalistic and simplistic way – a look that is still gaining popularity with Gainesville homeowners.

Scandanavian trendy bathroom design

Wood can be used with vanities, shelves, or accent walls. White tiles are often used for shower surrounds and backsplashes, but other colors like sage are also used. Quilt or mosaic-like floor tiles are also popular in Sandinavian-style bathroom designs but floor tiles can be left simple and more neutral.

3. Modern Minimalism

Minimalism, as the name implies, keeps things simple and affordable. Minimalist bathroom designs often include elements like a “statement tub” or open shower while keeping the overall look understated with simple light fixtures and fittings.

Image of a minimalist bathroom design

Other important elements of minimalist-style bathrooms include:

Minimalist bathroom designs are future-proof and will continue to be popular for years to come. It’s no surprise why they’ve become one of the most popular looks for large and small bathroom designs here in North Central Florida.

4. Industrial Chic

As the name suggests, Industrial Chic-style bathroom designs draw inspiration from industrial spaces, factories, warehouses, and more. This trendy bathroom design incorporates raw and practical elements, creating unique features.

A bathroom with the industrial chic design style

Key features of Industrial Chic include

With functional lighting, varied focal points, and endless potential for expressive fixtures and storage space options, industrial chic interweaves aesthetics and practically for a truly unique look.

5. Natural Bathroom Design

Most of the trendy bathroom designs’ names are aptonyms. Their names precisely reflect the characteristics of the style. Nature-inspired-style bathrooms take the elements of nature and bring them inside.

A nature-inspired bathroom design

This design features the following:

6. Smart Bathrooms

Smart bathrooms are about as modern as it gets. This style uses advanced technology to maximize efficiency and convenience. Common features of smart bathrooms include:

A person holding a remote control in their smart bathroom

These types of bathrooms are often integrated with smart homes rather than being stand-alone features. Not only do they help the environment by reducing water and energy use but they are a great choice for those who are more tech-savvy and enjoy modern luxuries.

7. Vintage Revival

This trendy bathroom design draws inspiration from the early 20th century. Vintage Revival incorporates elements of both retro and vintage design–giving a more nostalgic feel.

A clawfoot tub in a bathroom with a chandelier hanging over it

Key features of Vintage Revival-style bathrooms often include

8. Eco-Friendly

Many of the bathroom design styles we’ve mentioned are considered eco-friendly options. However, the Eco-friendly bathroom design style features a complete emphasis on sustainability, conservation, and minimizing environmental impact.

Plants hanging in an eco-friendly bathroom

Eco-friendly bathrooms are commonly characterized by the following:

Eco-friendly bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular in Gainesville – a community leading the region in sustainability and conservation.

McFall Specializes In Trendy Bathroom Designs

When it comes to bathroom designs, there’s something for everyone! McFall Builders has you covered for your next bathroom remodel. With 40 years of experience in home renovation here in North Florida, we are your go-to contractor in the Gainesville area. We’re able to take your trendy bathroom design project from concept to completion.

Feel free to check out our portfolio for more inspiration and ideas, and give us a call for help with designing your dream bathroom this year.