How to Maximize Light in Your Home Remodel

November 17, 2023

Lighting is a key feature of a home’s interior design. Floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, and other mood lighting options are all popular additions to today’s homes. But with Gainesville’s bright, sunny climate, it makes sense to consider maximizing the amount of natural light in your home.

Benefits of Natural Light

A home flooded with natural light is a welcoming, joyful environment. Indeed, Healthline confirms that exposure to sunlight can provide a daytime mood boost and can even help to promote positive sleep patterns at night.

As well as the health benefits, natural light will enhance the design features of your home. Vibrant sunlight brightens colors and shows off home decor to its best advantage. The value of your home may also increase: homebuyers have been shown to prefer brighter houses compared to darker ones.

Furthermore, incorporating good sources of natural light into your home design can save electricity as less artificial lighting will be required. This benefits both your wallet and the environment.

Interior or a well-lit entryway with double windows next to a white door aside table and coatrack

How to Maximize Natural Light

From paint color and mirror placement to integral design features like doors and windows, there are many ways to maximize natural light in your home design, particularly if you are considering a complete remodel. Here are some of our tips for letting a lot of natural light into your home.

Glass Doors

Whether they lead to a porch, patio, or yard, glass doors are a classic, elegant addition to a kitchen or lounge. Consider a minimalist look for large panes of glass that will dramatically increase the amount of light coming into the room. This approach also allows you to enjoy the view of your outdoor space even when the weather is not suitable for leaving the doors open.

In a warm climate, you may want to choose window treatments that allow sunlight in but block heat when necessary. Vertical blinds or sliding fabric panels are popular choices for patio doors. Loosely woven solar blinds are the perfect choice as they allow some natural light to filter into the room even when closed to block out the heat. This energy-efficient approach can help to keep your home cooler without completely blocking the sun’s light—or your view.


Incorporating roof windows into your home design allows large amounts of overhead sunlight into the room. Skylights can be a good option for bathrooms or kitchens where bright light is needed, but it can be difficult to add more windows.

When placing your skylight, consider the position of the sun and the time of day you most require natural light. The angle and position of your roof window will determine how much sunlight comes through. You may want to avoid south-facing skylights as these can significantly increase the amount of heat entering the room. A north-facing roof window allows consistent light into the room throughout the day with less heat gain.

Paint Color

To maximize natural light in a room with small windows, choose white or another bright paint color. White paint reflects light, making the most of natural sunlight to make your room appear brighter. White gives a clean, classic look to a kitchen or bathroom.

If you don’t want to stick to just white, other light colors can brighten a dark room. For woodwork and trim, choose a reflective high gloss paint. Used sparingly alongside matte surfaces, a high gloss paint will create visual interest as it bounces light around the room.

Consider pairing your light paint colors with a polished stone floor. In a light color, a stone floor can act as an additional unobtrusive reflective surface to boost natural light levels.

Mirrors and Accents

If you have your heart set on a dark color for your bedroom or living room walls, adding mirrors or other metal accents in strategic positions is a good way to brighten the space. A large mirror, positioned where the light from an existing window hits, can create the effect of a second window, doubling the amount of natural light in the space.

Well lit modern bathroom with large circular mirror, off-white walls and an oak vanity

Mirrored or reflective metal surfaces can be used in a wide range of contexts. Consider a mirrored backsplash or glazed cabinets in the kitchen. Stylish fixtures in two to three metallic tones can brighten a bedroom or living room. For the bathroom, light-colored tiles and well-chosen metal accents can add much-needed natural light to a small room.


The furniture you select can make a big difference to how bright your interior space feels. Large or dark-colored furniture can dominate a room, absorbing the natural light. Modern, minimalist furnishings will give the room a bright, airy feel.

Even the arrangement of your furniture can make a difference. Ensure that bulky furniture is not blocking light. Angle light-colored or reflective pieces towards the window to bounce back even more natural light.

Soft furnishings can be used to add visual interest with new colors or textures. Neutral upholstery will brighten the room as a whole; use cushions or throw blankets for a pop of color.

Exterior Features

When thinking about how natural light will enter your home, make sure to consider the exterior as well as the interior. Large trees or shrubs can block much of the sunlight that might otherwise come through your windows. Make sure these are well-maintained and frequently pruned to keep your windows clear.

Finally, as part of your exterior maintenance, make sure that your windows themselves are cleaned frequently. Clean windows will let in a lot more light and will keep your home bright and airy.

DIY or Complete Remodel?

Many of the suggestions above can be carried out at home with no assistance. However, to truly maximize the amount of natural light in your home by adding windows, skylights, or patio doors, it makes sense to contact a reputable local home remodeling company for the best results. 

Whether you are planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or thinking about remodeling your entire home, McFall Builders can provide expert guidance and take all the stress out of making your home the bright, beautiful place you desire.