How to Choose the Right Remodeling Contractor: A Complete Guide

September 28, 2018

You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and remodel your home. No matter the size and scale of the project, you need to decide on a remodeling contractor that will turn your vision into reality. It can seem overwhelming to find the perfect contractor, but if you know what to look for, you can narrow your search.

A Financial & Emotional Investment

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Remodeling your home is not only a financial investment. It can take its toll on your emotions. You are trusting someone with your home. You shouldn’t have to stress over the project and whether or not it will be completed correctly and on time.

Taking the time to thoroughly go through contractors can save you from heartbreak in the future. It’s important to note that you should be easily available during the entire remodeling process. If your contractor needs questions answered, it’s better that you are there in person or easily contacted to make the process less stressful.

What to Look For

To make your search that much easier, look for these specific things when selecting your remodeling contractor.


Before anything, you should ensure that your contractor has all the correct credentials. They should be licensed in your state and area. Licenses prove that the contractor is competent in that trade, have paid a fee, and can provide insurance for their work. Their license numbers should be located on their website and you can check with your local government to ensure they check out.

At McFall Builders, we currently have three licenses: General Contracting (CGC026008), Building (CBC1257446), and Roofing (CCC056862).

Know What You Want

While you are searching for a contractor, be sure that you know what you want. If you are remodeling a specific part of your home, make sure to focus solely on that. Then you are able to bring up your concerns when speaking with potential contractors.

Knowing what you want also makes the estimation process that much easier. Your potential contractor can accurately price your vision and you can rule out the contractors that don’t meet your wants or budget. This reduces the chances of surprises further into the project.

Review Their Portfolio

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Another great way to zero in on the perfect remodeling contractor is to review their portfolios. This will give you a glimpse into what they’ve done in the past and if they can match your wants in the future. Browsing through multiple portfolios will help you understand the style of contractors and if they will able to create your vision. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Meet In Person

You will be working closely with your remodeling contractor throughout the course of your project. It’s important that you meet in person and get a feel for each other. If you mesh well with the contractor, it will make the project go by more smoothly.

You can also get a feel for their personality by looking at reviews online. While this isn’t as accurate as meeting in person, it doesn’t hurt to see the public perception of the contractor. This can also help narrow down your search so you don’t have to spend time meeting a bunch of contractors that won’t meet your needs.

Ask Questions

Be sure to have a set list of questions to ask concerning your specific project. You can typically find commonly asked questions on contractors’ websites, but make sure to ask questions concerning your specific remodeling project. Keep in mind exactly what you are looking for, if they can handle the size of your project, and if they will be subcontracting any aspect of the project out.

Decide On A Price

Finally, and most importantly, you should agree on pricing. Your remodeling project should fit the budget you decide on. It’s a good tip to agree on a price that is a little bit below your actual budget, in case unforeseen events occur and additional money is needed. Before any work is done, it’s essential that you both agree on a price that works with both of you.

Remodeling with McFall Builders

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McFall Builders has been transforming homes in the Gainesville community for over 35 years. We’re family-owned and operated, giving you peace of mind during the entirety of your project. We’ve done hundreds of projects, ranging from small remodels to complete home construction. Throughout the process, McFall Builders is here to help, from start to finish.

With McFall Builders, we’re more than just remodeling contractors. We hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to remodeling your home. We go above and beyond to make the process easy on you and make your vision a reality. Request a free proposal today to get started on creating the home of your dreams!