5 Simple Summer Renovations

June 22, 2021

The summer is considered prime home renovation season. That’s because the increased hours of sunshine and more relaxed schedules make it an ideal time to put some effort into updating and upgrading your home. Even if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a full-blown remodel, there are some inexpensive, simple summer renovations you can work on this season that will pack a big punch for breathing new life into your home and allowing you to enjoy it more with your loved ones.

1. Focus on the Outside

Summer is the perfect time to focus on your home’s curb appeal through simple projects that spruce up your exterior. This could be in the form of new paint, shutters, window planters, or in-ground solar lighting fixtures – whatever you may have been wanting to do for a while but never have. Since the outside is what guests see first, even the smallest changes to the exterior will have significant effects on your home’s appeal.

2. Install a Fire Pit

The scorching summer heat may not make you immediately think about wanting a fire pit, but summer is a great time to plan ahead for the winter and tackle this summer renovation project. Fire pits are the perfect way to gather around and spend time with friends and family. They can be bought pre-made and installed, or homeowners can choose to build their own. Homeowners can choose from materials such as brick, metal, or stone, depending on their needs and style.

3. Upgrade Your Bathroom

Shower tiles in a array of calming blue and green hues

Bathroom renovations can be costly, but there are some simple upgrade projects you can do that won’t break the bank. For example, think about adding board and batten or tile to the walls to add some inexpensive flair. A heated towel bar is another useful, luxurious addition that future homeowners will appreciate should you ever decide to sell. Other cheaper bathroom renovation ideas include:

4. Build a Deck

While some outdoor deck and patio projects can be expensive, you can adapt them to fit your budget. Simple outdoor pavers can be used to build a patio. Pressure-treated or chemical-treated wood or pallet boards make a cheaper option for decking. Another way to save money on this project is to keep your deck or patio as small as possible while still including enough space for it to serve your family’s needs.

5. Improve the Kitchen

Modern kitchen with white cabinets and updated features

With the kitchen considered the heart of the home, make sure yours is as welcoming as possible with some simple renovations. You don’t have to spend a fortune to renew your family’s favorite gathering place. Ideas for renovations that have a big impact include replacing the flooring or fixtures and upgrading the countertops and appliances. A new paint job can make your cabinets look updated and fresh.

McFall Builders Is Your Dream Home Partner For Summer Renovations or Any Season

Hopefully, this list inspires your own DIY summer renovations. But, for anything bigger, it’s best to rely on an expert contracting team to ensure your project is done correctly, according to your timeline and budget. Contact the experienced team at McFall Builders today to discuss what you have in mind. Our passion is ensuring you love your home for years to come.