Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Save Time and Money

November 5, 2012

Budget For Beauty In Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling tips for saving time and money are something from which everyone can benefit. Remodeling the kitchen is often at the very top of a homeowner’s list of projects because the kitchen is commonly the focal point of the home. Families spend dozens of hours cooking, cleaning, and entertaining in this space, so putting extra effort into the comfort and functionality of the kitchen makes sense. However, all too often, the kitchen can become a remodeling money pit as homeowners continuously try to perfect it.

Knowing how to avoid financial traps and improve on existing features can be the key to accomplishing a successful DIY kitchen remodel.

Wooden kitchen cabinets

Refresh Cabinets

Knowing when to repurpose an existing element of the kitchen and when to say goodbye to something old and outdated can help you save valuable capital and time during your kitchen remodeling project. When you’re planning a kitchen remodel and looking to reuse materials, your kitchen cabinets are a great place to start.

Wooden cabinets are easily refreshed. You can simply take the doors off, strip the old stain, and apply a new stain that you love. This is a simple way to achieve a noticeable transformation without spending significant cash.

If DIY restaining sounds daunting, there’s always the option to paint instead! Regardless of what you use, a fresh color on your kitchen cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a facelift.

Pause at Appliances

Cabinets are not the only component of the kitchen that can be reused when in good condition. To save money, you might want to consider reusing any appliances that are not too antiquated. This can free up your budget to focus on new flooring or a new island for the middle of your kitchen.

If you don’t mind a waiting game, appliances can always be updated later when they go on sale. When it comes to completing a kitchen remodel on a budget, as long as they are still functioning properly, appliance upgrades can be put on hold for a while.

Revamp Flooring

Transforming your kitchen floor can provide a much-needed update without breaking the bank. There are some great, new flooring options that allow you to modernize your space while saving both time and money.

Plank Vinyl

One particular flooring possibility that has generated a lot of attention is Metro Brand luxury plank vinyl. Known for its respectable durability and effortless installation, this product comes in easy-to-assemble pieces that fit together seamlessly. It can withstand the regular punishment that comes with pets and children, it does not scratch easily, and it’s highly resistant to liquid damage.


Laminate flooring has made great strides in recent years. It can mimic the appearance of hardwood flooring while maintaining the durability and lower price tag that is expected from laminate. If you live in a home with children or pets, you’ll want to consider this cost-effective, spill- and stain-resistant option.

Kitchen sink fixtures and silver faucet

Overhaul Hardware

One of the best ways to make the kitchen remodeling project pop is with new hardware. Kitchen remodeling usually involves a complete overhaul of the cabinet hardware because handles, knobs, and fixtures can serve as the perfect finishing touches for your kitchen renovation.

In general, it is best to pick cabinetry hardware and fixtures that are neutral. Neutral colors have really gained popularity in recent years, leading to lower prices and increased resale value. Flashy trends may be tempting, but it’s important to remember that the most popular color scheme today may not be as appealing when it’s time to sell.

White kitchen countertops in an updated kitchen

Save Up For Countertops

When it comes to countertops, we normally suggest that homeowners stick with some of the more conservative color options for the best value and longevity. Some of our favorites include:

When you’re planning your kitchen remodel budget, countertops are probably an area where you’ll want to have more cushion. They can be more expensive than other elements in the kitchen, but by adding aesthetic appeal and their long lifetime values, the high price tag is usually worth it.

Leave It All To McFall

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, and you’re not sure where to start, McFall Builders are here to give a helping hand. We have been performing kitchen makeovers for so long that we have become the proven leader in residential kitchen remodeling in Gainesville. We would love to start working our remodeling magic in your kitchen, give us a call today to discuss how we can make your dream kitchen a reality.