Complete Green Home Renovation in Gainesville

May 24, 2012

This project is another total custom home renovation in Gainesville, Florida by our residential remodeling division. Like many of our projects, energy-efficient upgrades were paramount in the planning of this recently purchased short sale overhaul. The clients expressed concern for their energy costs due to the position of the home in relation to the sun’s normal pattern during the summer. To alleviate these concerns, McFall Builders, Inc. provided a custom design on a completely green home renovation that the clients fell in love with.

To allow greater airflow and efficiency when heating and cooling, we opened up the dining room and kitchen area. Providing a less restricted space for airflow increased the overall efficiency of the newly installed HVAC system. Other improvements in the kitchen area include the beautiful hickory cabinets, complete with a large built-in pantry. All of the drawers and doors were designed using soft-close technology which allows the doors to shut without banging loudly. To accent the great-looking cabinets, our clients chose to use anti-microbial quartz countertops and stainless steel Kenmore Elite Energy Star appliances. The finishing touch in the entertaining area was the Icynene spray foam insulation. Building on the green improvements made to the kitchen, our clients decided to improve the rest of their home as well.

The flooring in the home will feature a luxury, vinyl plank that not only is an environmentally friendly product but also one that is waterproof, durable and kid/pet-friendly. We also added BASF Radiance reflective radiant heat spray to further improve the overall efficiency. In the attic, R-40 blown-in cellulose insulation was used to provide a green product with a significant improvement in the insulation. The existing shingles were replaced with light-colored architectural shingles which will provide energy savings by reflecting more of the sun’s rays than a normal shingle. The addition of an on-ridge ventilation system provided an improved breathing function for the attic.

The attic also features brand new ductwork to compliment the Trane 20I dual-stage compressor AC system. The Trane air conditioning system that was installed will provide significant savings over time and is rated as a 19 SEER AC system. Replacing the old water heater with a new Rheem tankless water heater allows the customer to maximize their energy savings and eliminate burdensome expenditures to reheat water in a tank.

Low-E argon gas-filled windows provide maximum protection from the UV rays of the sun and its relentless assault. Low VOC paint was used throughout the home on both the interior and exterior. In order to reduce water consumption, the client decided to go with low flow toilets and showerheads. The addition of a custom quartz fireplace and hearth are the finishing touches to the living room area. The focal point of the master bath will be a beautiful mid-century contemporary, walnut vanity piece that was featured in the 2012 BANCF Home Show at the O’Connell Center this past March. If you’d like to gain the benefits of a green home renovation through your own home, request a consultation with McFall Builders, Inc. today!