8 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Make It Feel Bigger

November 30, 2018

Space can be limited in your home and it can become noticeable, especially in your bathroom. If your home is older or there’s no interest in constructing a larger bathroom, you can make your small bathroom feel much larger than it actually is. There’s no need to knock down walls or sacrifice space in other parts of your home to create the bathroom of your dreams. Read on for 8 bathroom remodeling ideas to make it feel bigger!

Remodeling your bathroom can turn your current bathroom into a dream come true, without even having to scrap your current structure. Here are 8 design choices to consider in your bathroom remodeling project to create a bathroom that is spacious.

8 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Will Make It Feel Bigger

Not every decision in your bathroom refresh has to be costly. Simple choices like painting a lighter color or opting for a smaller sink can pay off big time when it comes to square footage in your bathroom.

1. Paint the Walls & the Ceiling the Same Color

Choosing to paint your bathroom walls and ceiling the same color will create a visual illusion that your bathroom is larger than it actually is. The walls and the ceiling will blend together and eliminate sharp angles. With a lighter color, your eyes will naturally move up toward the ceiling. This will cause you to believe the ceiling is higher than it is.

2. Install A Clear Frameless Shower In Your Bathroom

Shower doors can make or break your bathroom size. When you choose a clear frameless glass shower for your remodel, the space will open up right before your eyes. You can also opt for minimal hardware to keep your eyes traveling through the bathroom without interruption. A clear shower door can offer a glimpse into the intricate details of your shower, such as a waterfall showerhead or pebble rock tile floor.

A clear, frameless shower gives your bathroom a clean, modern look that allows ample light to pour throughout your bathroom, no matter the size.

3. Choose A Pedestal Sink Over Traditional Vanity

Pedestal sinks may give off vintage flair, but they hold so many more benefits that go beyond aesthetic appeal. Pedestal sinks are open and take up significantly less space than a traditional vanity sink. It appears airy instead of bulky. These sinks also come in a variety of styles to match any feel, from modern to vintage.

4. Install Tile Flooring Diagonally Across the Bathroom Floor

An easy way to open up an otherwise small bathroom is to have your tile laid diagonally rather than straight on. Your eyes will be tricked into thinking the bathroom is much larger because of this small change. Diagonal tiles create a “V” shape and actually open up the room.

5. Create Storage in Interior Walls

To save on space, you can find storage space within walls instead of building out. In the shower, creating a cubby to hold storage will create depth in your bathroom. Build into interior walls and add a linen closet or shelving to hold toiletries. You eliminate clutter and crowded space by choosing to build in rather than out.

6. Keep Things Light & Bright

Bathroom remodeling ideas include installing a shower with bright colors. This is a custom tile shower with glass doors.

A good rule of thumb during your bathroom remodel is to keep things light and bright. Lighter colors and accents accompanied by natural light will create an open space that will feel anything but cramped. You can install a skylight to add more natural light. White-on-white is another popular design choice to make the room feel bigger than it is. Relying on windows and appropriate lighting fixtures will give you the bathroom of your dreams.

7. Reduce Visual Stops

With every decision in your remodel process, it’s important to reduce as many visual stops as you can. Carrying tile into the shower will cause your eyes to follow along without a break. This visually expands the room without adding square footage. Reducing furniture and unnecessary stops, whether physical or visual, will open up the space.

8. Install a Large Mirror

A picture of a sink and vanity with a large mirror above it. Having a large mirror is another bathroom remodeling idea to make the small space feel bigger.

Instead of having multiple mirrors throughout your bathroom, choosing to install one large mirror will be your best choice in a bathroom refresh. Large mirrors visually double the size of your bathroom. It also increases the amount of light that is reflected throughout the space, creating a spacious feeling without having to knock down walls.

Make Your Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Come to Life with McFall Builders Inc.

No matter the size of your bathroom, McFall Builders is here to you bring your bathroom remodeling ideas to life by helping you create the space you’ve always dreamed of. Bathroom remodels don’t have to mean completely discarding the space you currently have. By making appropriate design choices, McFall Builders is able to transform any space, regardless of size.

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