Get the Most Resale Value From Your Bathroom Renovation

April 15, 2021

When it comes to a bathroom renovation, keeping in mind how these alterations will affect your home’s marketability and resale value is crucial. Whether you’re planning to live in your Gainesville, FL home for the foreseeable future or preparing to sell soon after a strategic remodel, your investment shouldn’t be lost equity. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of steps that you can take to make sure that your bathroom renovation offers you the most resale value possible. 

How Can Your Bathroom Renovation Impact the Sale of Your Home?

When you consider buying a home, the first thing to come to mind isn’t necessarily how pretty the bathrooms are. However, in the minds of potential buyers viewing your home, these spaces can have a considerable impact, in turn, inspiring offers. When buyers consider redoing spaces once they’ve bought a home, the bathroom tends to be an unwanted hassle, so having this space renovated, clean, and stunning can be a relief and, more importantly, an unanticipated bonus that stays in their minds. 

The most significant factors in a bathroom renovation that increase resale value include updating worn-out features, replacing fixtures, and creating a space that offers greater functionality. 

Use Quality Materials (But Keep Costs Down) In Your Bathroom Remodel

One of the biggest factors that determine the cost of a remodel is the choice of materials. While a space redone with high-quality, stunning materials will certainly make for a luxurious space that will be a joy to use, choosing these costly materials does not mean you will automatically recoup the expenses. Creating an exquisite space is a more suitable option if you intend to renovate a bathroom in your forever home. But, for a space that you don’t intend to use for many years, we recommend finding materials that offer the look and comfort you desire, but for a fraction of the cost. 

For example, luxury tiles or flooring will often be far more expensive to purchase and install than classic tilework or a laminate floor, but you’ll find yourself with very similar looks in your bathroom.

If you’re going to invest in your space, we recommend choosing a feature that offers functionality as well as beauty. One of our favorite bathroom features is floating vanities that offer an eye-catching appeal on top of their unique functionality. By pairing these with minimal floor lighting, you’ll never have to wander in your bathroom at night or require a bright full light that startles you and your partner awake. These timeless “wow” factors, especially when functional too, are sure to spark some offers on your home when reselling. 

Go For an Ageless Design  

As for the design of your remodeled bathroom, think timeless. When investing in renovations, you’ll want to create a space that you will not only love but also one that the general public will be in awe of for years to come. 

Color Scheme

When choosing paint colors, we recommend a neutral color palette for the most enduring appeal. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean beige. If you’d like a more unique look to your space, subtle blues and greens also offer an ageless charm. 

Coastal bathroom with white wall paneling, light blue walls, and modern fixtures.

With small spaces, choosing brighter, lighter colors helps create a more spacious perception. While deep colors offer a bold look that’s sure to catch eyes, unless you’re working with a large space, adding dark elements can make your bathroom feel far less relaxing to most people. 

Timeless Features

Opting for overtly trendy features can put a time stamp on your remodel. Some evergreen choices we recommend for extended resale value include natural wooden elements and stone or white shower tiles. 

Shower tiles
A wooden, round wall mirror above a bathroom vanity.

Further, one of the fastest improvements to a bathroom often comes with the vanity mirror. Tying this central feature to the rest of your design with a unique frame or wooden trim will give you a bathroom that looks professionally curated. Explore mirror options for your bathroom in our blog here

Shop around for new fixtures. Today’s buyers are most inclined towards stainless steel fixtures, especially brushed steel with a matte finish. No matter the look you’re going for in your bathroom, make sure to consider how the fixtures will show stains from water and hold up to the test time. 

Shower or Bathtub?

While baths may feel like a luxury, prospective buyers are more likely to prefer a spacious walk-in shower at the expense of a tub, especially if you only have the limited space to consider a combination of the two in the master bathroom. Saying goodbye to dingy shower curtains and welcoming in a new walk-in shower with a glass door will brighten the bathroom, open the space, and add a modernized appearance.

If you’re working with a small space, check out some of our favorite tips and tricks for making your bathroom look and feel open and airy here

Choose the Right Contractor for Your Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to renovating your home, a quality contractor can make all the difference, both in the result of your renewed space and the return on your investment. When remodels are done correctly, the design and build processes will flow seamlessly. Materials will be purchased and used properly, without waste. The work and installations will be done correctly and last. 

At McFall Builders, we offer professional service as a licensed and insured building contractor as well as the unique capability to manage both the design and the build of your remodel. 

A Bathroom Renovation in Gainesville, FL Worth Every Penny

Overall, while you’re not guaranteed to recoup every penny you invested in a bathroom renovation at the resale of your home, a refreshed, beautiful bathroom will motivate prospective buyers and serve as a luxurious retreat while you enjoy it. While you can withdraw to your bathroom as a hide-out from kids and company, you can’t hide from your bathroom. As a space used daily, upgrades will shine in your everyday life and those of future homeowners. 

Here at McFall Builders, Inc. in Gainesville, FL, we work with you to design your dream bathroom and remodel your space so that your investment isn’t a sunk cost. We’ll refresh your bathroom with an updated design with timeless appeal and improve its functionality for a worthwhile investment. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, trust us to get the most resale value for your home.

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