University of Florida ATO Fraternity to Undergo a Major Green, Energy-Efficient Remodeling by McFall Builders

September 26, 2012

The University of Florida chapter of the ATO fraternity will be undergoing a major green, energy-efficient renovation and remodeling. The aging building is in need of some updating on both the appearance and energy consumption. The fraternity decided to go as green as possible and as a result, they will reap major rewards for years to come.

Once of the first areas to receive an energy-efficient upgrade is the air conditioning unit of the fraternity house. The existing AC unit is going to be replaced by an energy-efficient R-19 dual-stage compressor HVAC with variable speed air handlers. The ability of the air handler to adjust its speed for optimum performance is a great energy saver over the long run. Three of the main benefits of a dual-stage compressor are:

On top of the great HVAC system being deployed, Icynene spray foam insulation will be used. Icynene spray foam insulation provides more consistent insulation than typical fiberglass solutions. It is also extremely efficient at sound dampening.

The windows are being replaced by low-E impact-resistant windows and doors. The low emissivity of the windows will allow for more retention of the heating and cooling during the year. The interior is also receiving a major facelift to bring it up to current fire code and ADA handicap accessibility.

The existing stairwell is being relocated and will be fire rated. In place of the old stairwell will be an ADA compliant wheelchair lift. This will provide the much-needed handicap accessibility found in more modern buildings. To round out the interior color we will be using low-VOC latex paint. The exterior of the ATO fraternity house is also receiving a major facelift with composite materials.

The exterior will be featuring composite Hardie board siding. To finish it off, all of the exterior trim and moldings will be featuring AZEK building products. AZEK building products are built to last but do so without breaking the bank. The exterior will also have new handicap ramps installed to ADA specifications.


McFall Builders has been remodeling the ATO fraternity in Gainesville Florida. The job is progressing quite nicely with the exterior house wrap being put on recently. The low-E windows have been installed and most of the doors have been hung. Anyone interested in obtaining a free Gainesville remodeling quote should make a request.