Gainesville Earth Day Celebration

April 20, 2012

Gainesville Earth Day Celebrations were started this morning by planting a banana tree on the corner of our most recent client’s property. Robert Roundtree, the owner of Gainesville Moving, was the annual recipient of our Gainesville Earth Day Celebration.

Banana tree planted in a yard

Each year McFall Builders, Inc. chooses a client’s property to plant a tree or shrub at as part of the Earth Day Celebration. This year Mr. Roundtree had a Gainesville Hardie board siding installation completed last week.

The banana tree that was planted on Mr. Roundtree’s property will bring shade and great fruit once the tree matures. Not only do the Banana trees provide good shade once they mature, but the fruit it offers is some of the best in the world.

Proper placement of trees around your existing structure not only creates a more efficient cooling system, but also adds beauty and value to your property. As part of our overall efficiency program to ensure a low maintenance home is the proper placement of shade trees. Although using proper placement when planting trees is a great way to boost efficiency to an existing structure, it is best to use the natural landscaping to your advantage when building a new home in Florida.