Sustainable Building and Materials Grow to Billion Dollar Industry

By August 16, 2013News

Sustainable Building

In the most recent years, building green and using sustainable building products has become an incredibly profitable business. Now more than ever people are remodeling their homes and businesses are changing their facilities to incorporate sustainable materials and building practices. The trend towards green technology and funding has become a major moneymaker. As a contractor, I’ve seen the growth of this industry continuously rise in recent years. Now the green industry is at $116 billion a year. It’s projected to grow up to $254 billion or more by 2020. To reach this goal, businesses and homeowners have to really change their habits and focus on going green as part of their daily routine.

The three R’s are reduce, reuse and recycle. They pertain to almost everything in your home or office. You can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that you use to clean. You can reuse plastic containers, paper products and old furniture. You can recycle almost anything. There are a variety of businesses that are going above and beyond to incorporate the three R’s into their business model. For example, the ARIA hotel in Las Vegas built a large sorting center. Waste is sorted and sent to recycling facilities, which has diverted 47% of the hotel’s waste. In addition, they send food scraps to local farms to feed animals like pigs.

Recycling is probably the most popular way that people have contributed to the go green movement. However, landfills are still growing bigger. That’s why it’s imperative to reach out to neighbors, family members, businesses and others in the community to educate about the green movement. There are lots of ways to use the three R’s at home. You can re-purpose old furniture through a process of “up cycling”. It’s essential to consider everything that you waste on a daily basis when changing over to a green style of living. You can save a lot of waste.

The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort is a renowned destination. Surrounded by casinos, large entertainment venues and bright neon lights, the Palazzo is a luxurious hotel. Recently, this hotel won an award for its eco-friendly practices. One of those practices included cutting down on water waste. The hotel uses a combination of drip irrigation systems and moisture sensors to only use a small amount of water. In addition, they replaced some outdoor areas with artificial turf grass to cut down on even more water waste. The hotel managed to save eight million gallons of water last year with these methods.

Drip irrigation systems are being used at homes all over the world. As technology has grown more streamlined, it’s easier to incorporate this method into watering lawns and gardens. Homeowners are also using gray water from showers, bathtubs, washers and dishwashers to water landscapes and gardens.

It is important for businesses and homeowners to continue this green innovation and incorporate sustainable building practices. Businesses such as the new Las Vegas hotels provide great “green” blueprints for others to follow. It can save the planet and even your bank account.