Green Building

McFall Builders, Inc. prides itself on being one of Gainesville’s leading green home building contractors. Due in part of that success is being committed to providing high quality environmentally friendly and sustainable homes for the community. McFall Builders, Inc. is a licensed member of the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC). The FGBC is a non-profit Florida corporation dedicated to improving the building environment. While working with the coalition, we have been able to educate customers on the benefit of an environmentally sound approach to custom green home building in Gainesville, Florida.

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Florida Green Building Coalition Member

FGBC is an independent non-profit organization made up of building and environmental experts from all over Florida. It is their mission to provide the state with green building programs that will benefit the environment, the economy, and society as well. FGBC is the leader in establishing Florida specific certification standards for the construction industry.

FGBC also provides green building education to contractors, developers, and others that share the passion and devotion to the benefits of sustainable building. FGBC provides McFall Builders, Inc. with many advantages including:

  • Information on current trends, practices, and tools that are most relevant to the industry and the environment
  • Access to educational seminars that can help us enhance our professionalism and our customers
  • Opportunities to join FGBC committees to be able to contribute to the development of standards and policies
  • Access to specific certifications
  • And more!

FGBC Green Local Government Certification

Part of being a Florida Builders Green Coalition member means we have access to specific environmentally friendly certifications. McFall Builders, Inc. is proud to have the Green Local Government Certification. This program is currently the only one of its kind in the country. It provides communities a step-by-step toolkit for developing and implementing sustainability plans that encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly practices across all government functions. Benefits to the community include:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced community costs
  • Better management
  • Improved communications
  • Greater public awareness of how lifestyle choices affect the community
  • And more!

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What Does This Mean For You?

The Florida Green Building Coalition Standards are based on climate specific criteria for Florida’s hot, humid environment, distinguishing it from national standards and resulting in improved building performance. With over 3,000 residential projects, along with 55+ land development projects, 50+ governments, and numerous commercial buildings participating in the FGBC certification programs—FGBC is the leading certifier of green projects in Florida.

Together, McFall Builders, Inc. and FGBC are committed to building environmentally friendly and sustainable homes for our customers in Gainesville, FL. Making sure our residents are getting top-quality construction is paramount to our success. Call McFall today for the most experienced energy efficient construction company in Gainesville, FL.

Why Choose McFall?

McFall Builders, Inc. is Gainesville Florida’s most trusted green builder. We began building Energy Star® rated homes in the early 90s. With over twenty years of high energy efficient construction experience, we can ensure you will receive the highest quality construction in Gainesville, FL. We share your passion and love for the environment and we are here to make sure you surround yourself with energy efficiency. McFall Builders, Inc. is improving the quality of the environment one project at a time.

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