Energy-Efficient North Central Florida Home Show Booth was a Huge Hit With Visitors

March 13, 2012

McFall Builders, Inc. had a great time at the North Central Florida Homeshow presented by the Builders Association of North Central Florida and The Gainesville Sun. This year McFall Builders was a sponsor of the home show and had two booths. Visitors to the home show this year were very interested in ways to improve their overall home efficiency, so we were able to have many informative discussions on the topic. Green home building and energy savings were topics that visitors were very eager to explore. As McFall Builders, Inc. is Gainesville’s leader in custom-built homes and energy-efficient home design, we had a full staff to accommodate any questions that the visitors had.

Home show booth preview of interior kitchen and bath

Recently there has been a trend among homeowners to remodel their existing spaces rather than purchase a new home. Our booth of a mock kitchen complete with lighting, windows, granite countertops, flat screen tv’s and multiple different hardware styles to browse was a hit with consumers and vendors alike.

This year we had a demonstration of a new state of the art attic insulation spray. The demonstration featured two halogen lamps that produced heat in excess of 210 degrees Fahrenheit facing a mock shingle roof. On the other side, we placed the typical setup with fiberglass insulation in one area and the featured energy saving attic insulation spray in another area. We had a thermal heat gun for visitors to use to allow them to interact directly with our demonstration. The heat gun was registering temperatures around 115 degrees on the side without the spray, while the side with the spray insulation witnessed temperatures in the eighties which represents a thirty percent reduction in heat.

Energy savings such as the demonstration we had set up are what attracted the largest crowds. Being able to reduce the amount of heat an attic carries is a huge concern during the summer when HVAC systems are having their limits tested. Being able to reduce the strain on the air conditioning unit will not only ensure a long-lasting HVAC system but also produce a significant reduction in utility cost.

McFall Builders, Inc. looks forward to fielding any additional questions relating to energy-efficient designs. We would like to thank everyone for coming out to the North Central Florida Home Show and engaging in such forward-thinking discussions with us!