Addition of 900 Sq Ft. to Existing Structure in Gainesville

[scrollGallery id=9] A 900 square foot addition is the feature point of this remodeling in Gainesville Florida. Our customer wanted to improve the existing structure and add more livable space as well as an updated porch. Not only was improvements in structure needed, but the client expressed a want to have the efficiency of the home upgraded.

Improving the efficiency of a home is something that requires good planning and great craftsmanship. We accomplished this over many different features of the home from the paint to the roof. Once finished, the addition will be home to a luxurious master bed and bath remodeling that is both relaxing and energy efficient. Both of these add lasting value to the home for years to come.

The master bedroom suite will be constructed using CMU block construction. The block will then be finished using hardie board siding. Hardie board is designed to be resistant to rot, corrosion, and deterioration unlike any other product. The life expectancy of Hardie Board can be upwards of 50 years. Finishing off the hardie board siding will be low voc paint.

Recessed can lighting will be featured throughout the common areas. Recessed can lighting provides a less intrusive way of lighting common areas, and can often be trimmed to match the home’s palette.

The existing air conditioning will be replaced by an 18 SEER rated variable speed HVAC system. The new air conditioning system will have the ability to vary the speed to optimize efficiency. Having the ability to efficiently heat and cool all of the livable space was critical to the overall efficiency improve to the home.

The existing plumbing will be getting a massive overhaul. All of the piping and hardware will be getting replaced, and brought up to current Florida building code. The addition of low flow water saving toilets, faucets and shower heads will improve the hydro-efficiency of the home and addition as well.

The windows will be getting replaced throughout with low-e double paned, vinyl windows. Replacing windows with a low-e solution will decrease the amount of radiant heat that is allowed to escape the home. This improves the overall efficiency of the home and new addition.

The existing flooring will be redone with an energy efficient flooring.

All of the above improvements to the existing structure and the addition will create a beautiful, relaxing, energy efficient remodeling in Gainesville. McFall Builders is Gainesville’s leading energy efficient home builder.

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